About me


I was born in Leningrad, Russia in 1972.

In 1995  graduated the Economy Faculty of the State St.Petersburg University.

From 2009 I started to occupy with photography. During next three years I studied at different photo-schools, took part in the workshops of such art-photographers as Nadia Kuznetzova, Andrei Chezhin, Alexander Chernogrivov.

In my art I prefer analog photography, printing the photographs by myself.

From 2018 - a member of the State Union of the Russian Artists.




2020 — Freelance Artist


2018 — Co-founder of Zerno Gallery (St.Petersburg, Russia)


2014 — Co-founder of Fotoloft Mayak (St.Petersburg, Russia)


2011 — Co-founder of the School of Analogue Photography





"Skin" Collective Exhibition, Zerno Gallery, St.Petersburg Russia

 "Studio", Persanal show, Museum of Zarsko-Selskay Collection, Pushkin, Russia

The 3rd Phototobiennial of Russian Museum, St.Petersburg^ Russia


"Panoptikum" Collective Exhibition, Zerno Gallery, St.Petersburg Russia

 "Studio" - the project as a part of the collective show at the International Photo Visa Festival, Krasnodar, Russia

"The Hunting Season" Personal Show, Fotoloft Mayak, St.Petersburg, Russia


"Postcards'', collecitve show of Stereoscope, St.Petersburg, Russia

"Landscape", collective show, Fotoloft Mayak, St.Petersburg, Russia


The 3rd Phototobiennial of Russian Museum, St.Petersburg 

"Stendal Syndrom. Documents. Part 1», curator Nadia Kuznetzova, participant, Fotoloft Mayak, St.Petersburg

«Period Che», curator Andrei Chezhin, Fotoloft Mayak, St.Petersburg, participant

.....  etc ......etc..... etc







1st  place in the Third Julia Cameron Award, Nude Photography



Russian State Museum, St.Petersburg  /  Museum of Zarskoselskay Collection, Pushkin, Russia  /  Barends & Pijnappel Collection, Belgium  /  Mediterian Art Collection, Italy  /  Private Collection